Who are the most popular celebrities on social media 2016?

Who are the most popular celebrities on social media 2016? Social media is often tapped as an indicator of a star’s power. Those who have a high Twitter or Instagram following could easily reach tens of millions of fans with just 140 characters or a single photo. That is the power of social media. Social media has forever changed the way individuals interact with the stars or rather power holders, but which of those stars have used social media to become truly influential online? Well almost everyone tries to become famous and one such app providing such platform is Instagram.  We looked at the stats behind many top celebrity’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and have filtered that information into a simple scoring system to determine our top celebrities of social media or top influencers of the year.

who are the most popular celebrities on social media 2016?

who are the most popular celebrities on social media 2016?

How celebrities get fans following on social media ?

These, celebrities have an active Twitter, facebook and Instagram account. They are famous primarily in the U.S., or have an active state-side fan base. All these celebs’ have individual accounts i.e. (no bands, no brands. While the list is dominated by pop stars, actors, and television personalities, other public figures such as athletes Lionel Messi made the top 50, too. Let’s have a look.

Selena Gomez is not the most famous person on the planet. She is not even the most famous person with an Instagram account but still possesses the maximum following. This what social media can do to you. It can make you famous. The singer-actress with 89 million followers doesn’t have a social media consultant or a method behind her backstage pics and well-lit selfies

With an average of seven tweets per day, Rihanna never shies away from an opportunity to share with her fans. Not only does she share often, she shares honestly. Rihanna’s fans love getting her unfiltered thoughts and uncensored selfies through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No other celeb gives such an inside look at stardom. Rihanna made to the top of the list this year with the fifth-most popular Twitter account and the most popular Facebook page. She’s also the most-viewed star on YouTube with 3.79 billion views to her music videos.

How celebrities optimize their profile on social media 2016?

While Bieber boasts many Twitter and Instagram followers, this year Selena Gomez surpassed his number of followers and became the number 1 celebrity having the highest following.  Actor Vin Diesel officially surpassed the 100M mark on Facebook few days back, a social media first for an actor. Where are the followers coming from? While the No. 1 fan base is the U.S., FB data shows where his 100M followers actually reside. When Justin Bieber tweets, “ Beliebers”( name given to Bieber fans) listen. Justin was the number one user on Twitter, and while he was once usurped by Lady Gaga, she’s never been as active as this 19-year-old star who tweets an average of eight times per day. Recently, Selena Gomez crossed the 100M mark surpassing her then boyfriend Justin Bieber. Every one of Gomez’s tweets and Instagram posts seems to be retweeted thousands of times.

Another such star athlete is Christiano Ronaldo. Although the soccer star doesn’t post as often as some of his contemporaries, he is far and away the most popular athlete on social media and the undisputed king of Facebook, touting some 110 million followers. He’s also only the third celebrity to reach 200 million combined followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, joining previous Time listees Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. His posts on Facebook and Instagram, in particular, garner an average of one million interactions each, helping Ronaldo earn $27 million a year in off-field endorsement deals.

Instagram audiences are predominantly young – recent U.S. data states that half of Instagram users are aged 34 years or younger. Fall 2015 data reveals that Instagram is also the preferred social network of teenage internet users and one of the most-visited social networks among teenagers in the United States.

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