What Is Instagram Marketing And How It Is Helpful For Our Business?

Instagram Marketing

What Is Instagram Marketing And How It Is Helpful For Our Business?

Are you also among the one who is struggling to promote your brand or products? Then the solution is only one step away, and you can access it on your smartphone. If you are still wondering about the answer, lets, cut your curiosity, that’s Instagram. Yes, you heard it right this social media platform can help you reach heights. Let us discuss below how you can do that.

Across the globe, we have more than 1 billion Instagram users and everyday user shares for about more than 90 million posts. Those are huge figures. People of generally every age, gender, and profession are on Instagram. Since its launch, this social media app is gaining popularity. Instagram is becoming a competitive place when it comes to attracting more likes, views, and attract more number of followers. This thing makes Instagram a massive potential for existing and upcoming marketers.

However, it solely depends on user behavior, whether they would like to connect with your brand. Nowadays, Instagrammers became pickier while following a brand or individual, which also influences their purchase decisions.

People will follow you or like your post only when they find the post-worthy. Content is the soul of Instagram, probably that’s the reason why more than 600 million Instagrammers open the app every day.

How is Instagram useful for your business?

This app is a goldmine for the businesses, be it on a small or large scale. These businesses develop their Instagram marketing strategy to engage with more and more Instagrammers. Due to this, many brands have established their presence on this platform, and that’s why we have more than 30 million business profiles on Instagram. As per a survey, it is revealed that 70 % of users have purchased something if they have seen it on Instagram. It allows one to promote his brand and product using a much friendly and authentic approach.

So this raises the question of how to get the Instagrammer engaged and make them follow you on Instagram.

Well, the answer is quite simple by keeping your profile updated. Let us discuss how you’ll be able to do that:

  • Signup using your Facebook or mail ID.
  • Fill your account details.
  • Setup the account username, make sure the username is easily recognizable.
  • Update your profile picture.
  • Update your Instagram bio and provide a concise summary of your business and why they should follow you. You can enter your Co. website
  • Connect your Facebook page with your profile. After this, go to settings and switch to professional accounts and access.
  • Instagram business tools will provide in-depth analysis and insights and set up your business profile by providing phone numbers and business locations.
  • Keep the setting of the profile as public. So that one can see your post and also follow you within a snap of fingers.

Now that you have set up and optimized your Instagram profile, it’s time to post some engaging content. The app allows you to share various content, such as IG stories, images, and videos. Promote your brand and product by posting high resolution, innovative, unique photos, and that’s the beauty of this social media platform that gives creative freedom to your brand.

But before this, we have a big question that is defining your goal. Marketing of a brand may differ from brands to brand. It’s important to know what you want from Instagram: awareness about your brand, getting leads or promoting sales. A brand can combine different goals and make the strategy of Instagram marketing.

Advertising your brand on Instagram:

  • Images ads: the standard Instagram post format
  • Video ads: instead of a photo, a video will appear as a post.
  • Carousel ads: you can post multiple pictures on Instagram in one post (max up to 10 images) and make a slideshow ad.
  • Stories ads: This feature resembles the Snapchat stories. One can access this at the top of the Instagram feed
  • Collection ads: This is a catalog ad that takes the user through a brand product offerings.

Benefits of using instagram for business

Now the question arises why the brand should invest in Instagram Ads?

According to Instagram, 60% of individuals have discovered new products on this platform, 20% individual visits brand profile every day. This thing works the same as Facebook ( elder sister of Instagram) ads.

But this also raises the question of how much these IG ads cost?

These ads are based on Cost per Impression (CPM) and Cost per click(CPC). It is due to these ads; a brand provides high engagement and excellent results.

Now let us discuss Tips to build your brand on IG and gain engagement:

1. Stay active & Post frequently:

If you want your brand IG page to attract more followers and increase engagement rates. According to a study, if you post 1-2 posts a day, then your IG profile feeds stays updated and have more opportunities to attract Instagrammers for engagement. But this doesn’t mean that you should post excessively, which may lead to people unfollowing your account due to annoyance.

Get More Instagram Followers

2. Use IG stories:

around 500 million people view their IG stories every day, and 40% said that they became more interested in brand or product after seeing their stories. IG stories don’t over clog your IG feed, and on top of that, it stays for only 24 hours. IG stories can be helpful to showcase live events also via going live on this.

One can quickly post a story by swiping left from your feed, and the camera is ready to take images. You can do much more to your story i.e., type on the image, add music, going live, boomerang, superzoom, focus & handsfree. By swiping right, you can use IG filters; also, you can doodle, change the fonts’ color, and add location, poll, GIF, and many more features. Stories even allow you to mention another person in the story using ‘@’ followed by the username, this makes the tag clickable, and users can visit the profile by one click. You can submit the story that time or save in your camera rolls to upload it later. Now that you uploaded your story, it will appear at the top of the Instagram feed, from which you can see who viewed your stories. After 24 hours, these stories would disappear, but you can add to your highlights, and it will appear in small circles on your profile. You can even repost user-generated content.

3. Share visually aesthetic posts:

The content you share must be visually aesthetic. First thing first, think of what you will showcase via your post. Once you decide your fees content theme, think of a visual look that will be consistent with maintaining. It can be done through a consistent color palette or the filters you use in your post. According to a social media report, 60 % of best-performing brands have a consistent look every time they post.

4. Write meaningful captions:

Even though Instagram is a visual platform, but one should forget about the captions part. It allows you to write about what you post and makes photos meaningful. Instagram captions can be of up to 2,200 characters. However, users can only see the first two-line, and the user has to tap more for the rest. Try to give the vital information in the first two lines so that it compels the user to read it further and make sure not to keep it wordy as the caption is the key that can make your followers think, laugh, and associate a feeling with your brand.

5. Choosing the right hashtags:

Choosing the correct ‘#’ hashtag for your Instagram posts can make a difference. These are the staple of Instagram marketing, as this can convert a caption, bio, or an IG story into a clickable topic. But with this one more questions pops in our mind how to choose the right hashtag? Well, the answer is to search with related keywords and research relevant trends. Sneek in the explore tab and see what hashtags were used in the popular posts.

You might even consider using your brand hashtag as this encourage your followers to share photos that fit the picture. Your one hashtag may increase your engagement. Instagram allows you to use 30 ‘#’ hashtags in one post.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

6. Promote user-generated content:

You can post your posts and stories to showcase clients or customers’ posts. It’s an opportunity for followers to connect more closely with a brand while reducing marketing expenses as the audience is producing and approving content. Your Instagram followers love to see their posts on your feed or stories.

7. Grow your IG follower base:

Growing your followers will eventually take time and energy. Even this is the reason why several people buy Instagram followers and which results in more engagement, as it will increase your followers’ count, and thus more and more people will start following you. It even increases your visibility and attention. A recent report reveals that many celebrities, brands, and Instagram influencers have done this to increase their follower count. People even buy Instagram likes; Instagram views to grow a fan base. After all, who wants to follow a brand with the only handful of followers?

Also, here are some steps you can focus on and build your follower base:

  • Make your username recognizable and searchable
  • Start posting and stay engaged.
  • Start following your accounts that have similar interests and relate to your business.
  • Start interacting with their content.
  • Encourage others to share your posts and stories.
  • Promote your feeds on other channels.

8. Partner with Instagram influencers:

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach a dedicated and loyal audience of Instagram by partnering with an influencer whose fans may be interested in your brand. It’s the best way to promote brand awareness, grow followers, and drive sales.

Instagram Marketing Strategy 2020

If an influencer on their platforms recommends a product or service, it may come across as a genuine recommendation from a friend. Thanks to a rising trend, increasing numbers of brands see the importance of working with Instagram influencers who have a tiny (or “micro”) but highly active audience. A micro-influencer is typically someone who has a significant following on social media. That could range from 1,000 to 100,000 followers.

Now that we have discussed the above 8 points, I hope it will help you get an idea about how one can increase his engagement on Instagram via Instagram marketing. These steps will let your brand page to soar to new heights on Instagram. As Instagram continuously growing as a marketing platform, a business needs to build an effective strategy for Instagram. Be it for growing your community, reaching more Instagrammers that share the same interest or to promote sales. We know it is so much to do, but one must make its move to gain more followers.


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