What is Difference Between Instagram and Other Social Media Platform ?

Difference Between Instagram and Other Social Media Platform

The time people generally take to setup their business, by that time Instagram had already reached 450 million monthly active users in about a span of five six years and since then there is no looking back for them. Media generally makes a comparison among various social platforms in account of which is better than the others and liked by all. Mostly, media professionals focused on the comparison between Instagram and Twitter. When it came and the fact that Instagram’s user base now surpasses Twitter’s.

Difference Between Instagram and Other Social Media Platform

Difference Between Instagram and Other Social Media Platform

It was a huge victory for Instagram. Which has seen a huge amount of growth in a short span of time. At many occasions it was like Twitter and Instagram were in some kind of weird social media strength battle. But when we talk about monthly users as the quantifying aspect of any social media platform. We can’t afford to miss out instagram. It’s kind of taking over the social media world by storm. Many businesses are struggling with how and why to use Instagram in their business. Instagram really is a successful way to grow your audience, drive traffic, and increase sales and a platform like instagram can be used by anyone, anyage group. This platform has something for all. But before you can use Instagram and see results with it, I think you need to understand the “why”

  • Fastest Growing Social Media Site
  • Instagram is User Friendly
  • Visual Marketing
  • Instagram Engagement is Higher than Other Sites
  • Instagram Drives Higher Quality Traffic

Here are Following Reasons those Make Instagram Different From Other Social Media Platform!

1. There is no social network in the world right now that has more of the user’s attention that Instagram. When you’re spending time on Instagram, you’re not paying attention to anything else. 100% engaged, involved and looking at your Instagram phone screen, each photo of users you follow on Instagram passes one by one. Instagram is all about that attention. It knows how to keep it and being a mobile only app, you always have your business in your pocket. That’s where it is really winning. It’s so different than the firehouse of Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. People are really consuming content on Instagram, and not merely leaving it open in the background of their phone, checking in maybe now and then.

Instagram Different From Other Social Media Platform!

2. So, from a purely attention based analysis, Instagram is clearly going in the right direction. And attention is what you want when you’re selling a product or your brand? Besides sales, you need that attention to win in business. With so many different social network and platforms available to users. it can be difficult to grab that attention and retain it. Instagram has achieved it. It is on to something big compared to the rest.

3. Getting customers to engage with your brand on social media is gold. And right now, Instagram is the social-media platform that wears the crown.

4. Brands that use the photo and video sharing app. Which was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion in April of 2012, generally see higher rates of engagement there than on any other major social network, according to reports While that is true for brands in most industries. So, I believe I have answered what is so magical about Instagram? Instagram is all about visual content: photos and videos. People love pictures, especially when they are scrolling on their smartphones. But Instagram is also a place where people are likely to hang out beyond whom they know. Here you don’t need tolimit your connections to real-life friends and acquaintances. With all of the various social media outlets that people are using these days, we thought it would be nice to come up with an article that breaks down each of the most popular social outlets into digestible format.


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