How to Use Instagram On PC, Desktop or Laptop ?

Instagram has fast become the go to site for sharing photographs online. Now with over 400 million followers and active users, instagram has become the number social media app for users. But, unlike facebook or twitter, Instagram is a phone only app, i.e. you can only use Instagram on phone. But once you signup and login on Instagram, you can just scroll through the posts and like them. You cannot upload and share any photo on Instagram through your laptop or computer.

This is now possible with third party vendors. There are a number of third party apps that extend Instagram’s features on Windows. One that allows you to use Instagram on your PC is InstaPic, which can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

How to Use Instagram On PC, Desktop or Laptop ?

How to Use Instagram On PC, Desktop or Laptop

Use Instagram On PC, Desktop or Laptop


Steps to Download Instapic on Your Computer:

1. Go down to the taskbar on your Windows desktop
2. Click on the shopping bag icon that has the Windows logo at the centre.
3. When the Store opens click on the search bar in the upper right corner and type or search for InstaPic.
4. When you find the app on the screen, click on the free button to install the app on your computer

Steps to Use Instapic Application

1. Open the application
2. Register your account on the application. To do this, when the application launches, click the Register with Email button. This will create a new account.
3. Next step is to link your Instagram account and then you can upload images directly from the InstaPic app.

You can see various icons for notifications, search, likes, profiles and Instagram direct at the top of the screen.
Instagram direct allows you to send messages to users, the point here is, the messages you send will be private between you and the receipient.

Another way to use instagram on your computer is to use Bluestacks.
Bluestacks is a program that emulates android. You can install this on your machine.

Steps to use Bluestacks:

1. Go to the google search browser of your system and type
2. Install the program
3. You will get playstore in this program
4. Register your account on playstore
5. Open the playstore apps and search for Instagram
6. Downoad the Instagram app
6. Voila, you can now start using Instagram on your computer like you use it on your phone

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