How To Increase Instagram Followers?

How To Increase Instagram Followers

Human beings are a kind of social animals, living in a community. Isolation from the outside world is almost next to impossible for them. Attention seeking is a dime a dozen behaviour of all of us, whereby we act in a way that elicits validation or attention from others in our social circles. Enjoying the attention of others is what we all yearn for. At school, workplaces, society, and even on social media platforms, people have and will always strive to gain popularity. It has been hard-wired in our brains that social media is all about being a trendsetter, gaining maximum followers and becoming everyone’s favorite.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriegner created Instagram to provide its users a simple, fun and creative way to capture, edit and share photos and video. But at this moment in time, it has become more than just connecting and sharing. It has evolved as a protracted platform for marketing through influencers. Social Media Influencers- a new category of the profession has been born. Kylie Jenner has become a jewel in the crown. She is best-loved by teens all over the globe! Starting from a mediocre, she is now a billionaire, well settled in her career.

Instagram has over 200 million active monthly users, 60 million images are being shared and 1.6 billion likes per day, isn’t it amazing! Numbers are magical. So, if you wish to have such great numbers on your account, work out the under mentioned tips and tricks into your social strategy. Here are some creative ideas to get more followers, more visibility and more engagement.

Presentation Is Important

The look and style of your profile plays an essential role in driving more and more traffic to your account. Make your profile as interesting and engaging as you could.

Stories are a great way to express yourself. People get to know about you to a great extent with your stories. Through stories, you can keep your audience updated with the recent upcoming events, contests and any other activities. People tend to spend a lot of time watching everyone’s stories one after the other. So it’s the easiest approach to connect to your existing as well as potential followers. Group similar kinds of stories together into highlights. They are permanently saved into your account. Give a beautiful cover to each highlight.

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Then comes the turn of posts. Post regularly, and multiple pictures to tell a story. It should also be accompanied with a meaningful caption. Your captions say a lot about you.

Besides these things, another influential factor is your username and bio. An engrossing username along with a self-descriptive bio can definitely do the trick. Your bio reflects your personality. Make it simple, fascinating as well as self explanatory. It should give a clear picture of who you are or what you are working for, your motto and your hashtag. If you are a businessman or promoting a brand, bio should necessarily contain your contact number, email address, tagline and other important details.

Advertise Extensively

Advertising and promoting on various online and offline platforms can help you increase your followers. One way of doing this is through hashtags. If you have your own hashtag, use it frequently. Make sure that your hashtag is creative, effective and appealing. Portray it on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc as well as on offline platforms like magazines and hoardings. It will help you know and join the like-minded people. Give a link on every other social site that directly directs people to your instagram handle.

Organizing some contests and events will also have a direct influence on the number of people following and admiring you. People can be easily lured through contests like Follow-to-win, Post-to-win and Hashtag-to-win. Enticing your existing follower base to advertise about you on their accounts will help you have the admiration of even their followers. Collaborate with some other famous account, ask them to mention your account pleading their followers to follow your page.

How To Get Instagram Followers

Give away the prices to the ones who request to follow you, take out a lucky draw. Ask your followers to post about you or use your hashtag and reward them for this. It will make your existing follower base happy as well as motivate potential followers.

Go creative

Don’t be another one in the crowd. Make your account look different from others if you wish to attract an audience. Going beyond imagination and coming up with something new and creative everytime can also help you gain appreciation. Be unique in your approaches towards posting you pictures, captions, stories, highlights and bio.

Now, you can either be a one who is actively following a trend or the one who is setting it. Following the trends will certainly help to increase your followers in the short run. But, is it ok to settle on it? Aim high, think about long term success and be a trendsetter. Let people follow you!

Get More Followers On Instagram

This is the soul of the emerging profession of Social Media Influencers. These are the people who have tons of followers. They are hired by big brands for advertising their company on social networking sites. People tend to blindly follow the person they admire. And such brands like Puma and Nike have taken the first mover advantage. Companies are paying these influencers millions and billions for a single post wearing their brand. Some of the most famous influencers are:

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Daily Dose:

It has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. It uses simple and effective images to connect to the audience. These include some occasional inspirational quotes, memes and other visual formats. It’s posts are highly relatable and urged the viewer to share.

Instagram Followers

Huda Kattan:

She is an amazing make-up artist born in Oklahoma. She puts out makeup tutorials for her fans, which enabled her to gain 29 million followers. She has her own line of makeup and posts videos and reviews of people using her makeup and how-to-do visuals.

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Cameron Dallas:

He has been so popular on Instagram with over 21 million followers along with fans on youtube and vines, he has been featured in one of the Netflix originals Chasing Cameron. He keeps on making videos showing off his personality and interests in order to have a significant fandom.

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Kayla Itsines:

The key to her success was that she shows how happy and satisfied her clients are using her diet options and work out videos. She has been included in the list of Top 30 Most Influential People on the Internet by the Time magazine. She has about 10.5 million followers.

Getting Instagram Followers

Cooking with Mima:

Food can be easily promoted on the social network. Its owner Marian Ezzedine puts up various easy-to-make recipes laying specific emphasis on healthy and nutritious dishes.

Buying Is The Last Resort

It is an easy and shortest way to fill up your account with followers, without much hard work and in a very short span of time. Being unique and working really hard is very time consuming as well as comes with no guarantee of success. But buying followers is a proven shortcut. It can also give a kick start to your new business. It is very difficult at the budding stage to gain followers, but here, the issue is resolved. Even the Top most influencers are into buying these paid services to outreach others in the game. Credibility is sure to increase by buying instagram followers. Numbers on your account matter a lot, a deciding factor of your fate. More number of digits on your profile, more contracts you are likely to sign with multinationals. It will attract other people and hence, improve engagement.

In this world of competition, it is not at all everyone’s cup of tea to stand out everywhere. But once you start, the chain continues. In other words, be popular on Instagram and you are going to notice a consequent upgradation of your fan base on other social sites as well.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner (beauty icon), the American Media Personality Kim Kardashian, the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber and many more have been continuously buying followers and it seems to be working really well for them. It has proved to be a very successful business. The big question which arises is from where to buy these followers. Using a site which is cheap can be profitable, but the follower accounts will be robots and inactive.

Therefore, it is very essential to select only the legitimate sites to buy followers. Moreover, rather than spending on followers, it would be more beneficial if you invest in likes. Some of the best recommended sites for buying followers on Instagram are:

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