How to Get Real And Active Instagram Followers in 2020

How to Get Real And Active Instagram Followers in 2020

How to Get Real And Active Instagram Followers

Social media is all about connecting with people around the globe, sharing pictures and videos, chatting, winning a maximum possible number of likes, comments, tagging, advertising, and procuring a paramount tally of followers.

Human beings are socially minded creatures. By default, their disposition has been programmed to be socially agile. In this day and age, there are over 670 million active Internet connections worldwide, with Instagram engaging about 1 billion users. It has emerged as a protracted platform for businesses, public figures, influencers, marketers, and even for men in the street.

Instagram is helping businesses in expanding their reach while public figures use it to make the grade. There is an enormous potential for marketers to outstretch to a vast and engaged audience through it. Nike, an inspiring brand for aspiring athletes, uses Instagram to display the company’s culture and generate engagement.

Christiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese professional footballer and the captain of Portugal national team, more or less everybody out there must have heard of him; he heads the ranking of the most popular Instagram accounts with an ultimate 244 million official admirers on the photo-sharing app platform.

Who knows maybe your Instagram handle could be the next one in the queue of accounts with a maximum number of followers. As compared with the previous few years, getting real Instagram admires is not that easy. So here, I have come up with some handy tips which could, to all intents and purposes, drive more traffic to your account. They will definitely help to grow your account and boost your followers. These tips enable you to work smarter, not harder.

1. Catchy Usernames

Usernames act as an identity for the users and can be used as a flag of what you stand for or what you the world to know about you. A name provides a clear picture of the person’s culture, values, interests and heritage. Instagram names play an important role in determining whether your blog will get enough traffic or not and whether you are going to get real followers or not. An instantly appealing and cool username helps in clinching the heed of the crowd and in making them riveted in your content. It is one of the easiest ways among all if you wish to stand out. Using stylish usernames like Gold Unseen, Silver Shades, rainbowsalt, darksun, scarymommy, lovehunter etc can definitely work wonders. The Canadian rapper Aubrey Drake Graham is known to the world by @champagnepapi.

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2. Self- descriptive bio

Just like usernames, even your bio reflects your interests, hobbies and identity. Displaying a good hook bio is necessary to multiply your followers. List your interests, what all you do, your contact information, email address, your likes and dislikes, engagement in various fields and all those characters that define you and can help people in knowing you better. Your bio should depend upon the type of audience you are targeting and the kind of followers expected. Queen Latifah with a fan base of 5.6 million has a short and simple bio which perceptibly characterizes her.

3. Engaging posts

You should be very heedful with the content, pictures, videos, captions, and anything you are posting on your account. Will it be of any sense for a Baker to post pictures of surfing and trekking? Relevant pictures and videos along with captivating captions can serve you with more followers. Only one important thing is to stay active and posting on a regular basis. The trick is to follow the trend while still being unique in your own way. Bulk uploading these days is a common practice. It tells a story and looks more appealing to the senses.

4. Escape the Ordinary

Practicing original ideas can give you a leading edge over others. Always try to come up with something creative and innovative. Make your inventiveness your identity. Be as deviceful as you can while posting stuff. It will unquestionably help you pass muster. For insurance, The Instagram Egg posted by the account @world_record_egg has created the world record outstripping Kylie Jenner. Who could have imagined that even as simple a thing as an egg could get the most number of likes on Instagram. But, it did. So, be as visionary as you can while handling your account.

5. Using other platforms

Other social media platforms like twitter, facebook, youtube etc can be used to make the audience aware about your account on Instagram and to prompt them to follow you on there. Mention your Ig username on every site where you are active. This name should direct the people automatically to your account. Promoting your Instagram presence on other networking sites would increase your followers in leaps and bounds.
If you are a marketer or a business owner you can maximize your brand reach by having a presence on each of the major platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, twitter etc.

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6. Creatively hashtagging

Use funny, ironic and outrageous hashtags in your captions while avoiding the obvious one- word tags in your captions to tell a part of your story. Moreover, for every post, use trending super- popular hashtags. This can help you find like-minded famous people, get you in front of more users in general and in participating in popular conversations. Some of the popular hashtags are #instagood, #tbt, #photooftheday, #fun, #love, #cute, #beautiful and more.

How to Get Instagram Followers in 2020

7. Manifesting only the good stuff

It is very much important to show on your profile only the stuff which would be liked by your followers while discarding the unwanted and irrelevant content from being displayed on your feed. If you are a business holder or any public figure, people may tag you in their posts which will also pop up on your feed. You can have complete control over the tagged posts which will be displayed on your account. To change this setting, go to “Options”, “Photos of you”, “Add manually”. Also you can remove the tagged pictures from your profile by choosing “Edit Tags” and “Remove from profile”. This simple hack will surely do the trick.

8. Enticing giveaways

In order to gain new real followers on Instagram and exposure, one of the ways by which this can be done is rewarding your old loyal followers by organising contests and quizzes. This will enhance goodwill on the platform and give you a mini shout-out. Some of the ways by which this is done are as follows:

  • FOLLOW-GO-WIN:You can collaborate with other complementary accounts in your niche. Your account will be visible to all the followers of the page you are collaborating with. Contestants have to click and press “Follow”. Winners can be selected later on and rewarded with small exciting prizes.
  • POST-TO-WIN: If you already enjoy high engagement on your account, you can easily go for this. Post a picture depicting your brand and ask your followers to repost it to win. In this way, you will even gain the attention of the followers of the crowd who are already following you.
  • HASHTAG-TO-WIN: It is similar to post-to-win, the only difference being that along with the picture, you even provide a hashtag which is to be used by the people participating while posting the picture. Remember, the hashtag should be unique with the central idea of your page.

9. Stories and highlights:

Instagram stories can go a long way in engaging your potential followers and give them a chance to get a close look at what your page is all about. Including stickers, location, or hashtags can increase your story’s reach as they will pop up on the corresponding Explore page. As stories stay up on your account for 24- hours, you can everyday put on something really interesting to your story everyday.

Instagram highlights are a collection of stories which will be visible to people permanently. Similar kinds of stories can be put together and given a really beautiful cover and a name. Highlights can be seen just below your bio and provide an interactive way to people to know you more closely.

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10. Know the time

If you can discover the best time to post your content for your audience, it is likely to improve the chances that your followers will see your post in their feeds and you could be found on hashtag pages which is going to get you new real followers. The best time will be different for everyone. It can only be ascertained through experimenting. So, go on and find the absolutely best time for you and your audience.


#1. Catchy username
#2. Self descriptive bio
#3. Engaging posts
#4. Be unique
#5. Use other social sites
#6. Use creative hashtags
#7. Approve the posts you are tagged in
#8. Instagram giveaways
#9. Stories and highlights
#10. Right time to post

And this is it. 10 amazing and proven ways to promote the growth of your Instagram account. Just work out only a few of these hacks into your social strategy and you will be on the path of getting more and more real and active instagram followers. Injecting a little element of fun and uniqueness into your day-to-day posts can be magical.


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