How To Get More Followers On Instagram?

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Even though the world right now is a pretty crazy space to exist in, we’ve been masters of adapting. Optimism is a reality we must not hide away from. In a world that is locked in, a surge in exhaustion and stress isn’t surprising. We hear the word Instagram, and our feelings are mixed. But with an enormous chunk of the population already using the app, it’s no surprise that Instagram today is also a massive platform for creators. Brands, artists, government updates, even the water bottles of celebrities –everyone has a feed, and the race to get more followers is anticipation that’s here to stay.

This visual-centric platform, which started as a photo-posting app, has transformed into a significant income source for many people. Consistently growing popular among the masses, the app jumped to 37% active users from 35% in 2019 alone. 116 million users of the app live in the US alone, followed by India, with 73 million users, and Brazil with 72 million users. It’s one of the six most popular social networks in the entire world.

Denying, then, that Instagram has a crucial impact on how much influence one holds is pointless. Yes, wanting to get more followers on this platform is reasonable. Thankfully, there are some pretty clear ways to get more followers on Instagram. This article endeavors to explain the steps in a pretty clear manner.

  1. Optimizing Your Account Is Non-Negotiable

    The username should be as search-friendly as possible. Ideally, it should be short enough for people to recognize and remember it. Complicated usernames are prone to losing potential followers, especially if there are added special characters in it. So are bad quality photos. It’s obvious –an app that was built for sharing photos relies highly on the kind of photographs you use. Posting bad quality images is self-destruction here.

    Next: the bio and the profile image. Many companies end up losing traffic to their site because they don’t fill out their bios or use links to landing pages. It’s a silly yet common mistake, which leads to people not knowing that the account belongs to your brand or work. In case of uncertainty regarding where to link, the right idea is to go for marketing pages related to the keywords and hashtags of your Instagram account. Linking to the site increases the delivery of a better, well-integrated experience.

  2. Consistency, as always, is the key

    Inconsistency is fatal when your goal is to get more followers on Instagram. It’s the worst thing you could do to your page.

    An Instagram handle with irregular content posting makes users forget that they were following it in the first place, which is not affordable. Thankfully, combating this requires one to simply do what they hadn’t been doing earlier –stick to a regular posting schedule. The content must come at a consistent pace to keep the followers engaged. Posting a few times a day helps in casting the net wider.

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  3. Scheduling The Content

    Instagram delivers a lot of features for creators as well as consumers. The latest algorithm of the app caters to the users’ likes, showing posts according to their interests. Getting followers, though a little trickier than before, lies in scheduling the content. Posting at the right times allows your page more visibility.

    Building and scheduling content in advance is a profitable idea, letting you reach an audience in time. Using Instagram scheduling tools is a hassle-free way to maintain a consistent flow.

  4. Buy Them

    Having a lot of original followers who like the content for what it is, seems to be a cakewalk, but isn’t. Many factors affect where one stands in the race, and reputation penetrates the psychology of the users. More followers boost the page’s numbers in the engagement game, leading to a better reputation. Accounts with more posts and fewer followers look unappealing and lead the users to believe that the page is incompetent in delivering what it claims to be promising –no matter how excellent the content truly is.

    Buy Instagram followers – Many influencers do this to reach a larger audience, and it works like a charm. Pages that choose to buy Instagram likes manage to attain a greater audience, leading to more genuine followers and likes due to higher traffic. Many services provide genuine likes and followers at minimum prices.

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  5. Collaborating With Other Accounts

    Users advocating for your page is a valuable method for cultivating a greater audience. Another way is to work towards getting the larger accounts in your industry to promote your page. Doing so will be a sure way of maintaining your presence in front of a greater audience. Growth in your followers’ count will result in the growth of people interested in your content –which is a common goal for brands, influencers, and artists alike.

    Having a twitter of a Facebook handle with more followers than on your Instagram page can be used for your advantage as well, by sharing your content and directing them to your Instagram. Promote your Instagram across social media –this will help people find you, and believe in your authenticity. Visibility, awareness, and popularity have to be created on Instagram. Simple efforts, like adding social media buttons, will serve the purpose of promoting your content conveniently and will work long term. It will drive people to find out more about your content, increasing your reach.

  6. Give People What They Want

    The rule is as old as history. Dynasties have hinged on people’s demands –and the Instagram market is today’s royal arena. People are hungry for unique, creative content. Give it to them. Creativity is the salt of the dish –your feed simply won’t acquire the numbers you want if it’s bland. Instagram develops numerous features for enhancing your creative ideas, and it’d be foolish not to use them. Videos are a great way to showcase original content and build a following.

    Mild research will tell you that certain content grows faster on this platform. Details carry the tune here. Trends are like waves that decide the fate of wars. Investing in learning about your demographic is an essential investment. Using Instagram analytics tools is a smart step.

    Build an effective strategy with your captions, filters, and content. Test the waters and see what the audience gravitates towards. And like all great analytics, if you’re hesitant about starting on your own without prior knowledge, keep an eye on the rival. If they have a bigger audience, analyze what they’re doing, and crack the inspiration code.

  7. Be A Care Bear

    We live in two worlds simultaneously, and while one of the two is mostly turbulent and unstable, the other one gives us control. The world where we have control is our social media. This perception can make or break you, depending on how correctly you use it for your gain. People choose Instagram to contact the brands they’re following. Showing that you care for their opinion, communicating with them, and being supportive are things that need to be done to keep it sailing smooth.

    Each question answered in your comments section can get you a new follower. If your followers have positive interactions with you, they’ll feel driven to purchase from you or be loyal to you. This is a relationship where appreciation works like magic.

  8. Find the Right Hashtags

    For a growing page, hashtags are fairy godmothers that go out of their way to get more followers for your page. You don’t want to make this fairy god mother’s work more complicated by using over-populated tags. Doing so doesn’t help anyone.

    Keep your audience in mind while choosing your hashtags. Go for the relevant ones, the kind that is likely to receive the attention of your target audience. If they skip clicking on the tags that lead them to you, you’re not only not widening your target audience, but also losing the already potential followers. Similarly, picking hashtags that are used by more than half the posters will defeat the entire purpose –you won’t be able to manage standing out at all.

    Like all other marketing tools, there’s analysis for hashtags too. Using them, you can understand how hashtags perform and use them for your profit.

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  9. Followers Are Your Friends

    Instagram is a compelling, dominant market, and it demands you to consider your followers not as a sea of faceless people, but breathing, close, friends. And friends must be kept happy. Both your professional and personal pages require you to maintain social connections. And connections need you to put effort and think from the perspective of the followers. It’s unfair to expect loyalty from them if there’s no warmth from your side.

    People fly to social media to escape the mundane –you giving them a sales-driven and needy feed to feel no attachment to will end up making them upset or bored. The engagement will be lost, and all your efforts will get drowned. To recover them, you must work with an energy that aims at pleasing your audience. Let your content be the break they need from the stress of off-screen lives.

    You must be persuasive with each step you take in building your Instagram account. All your actions must showcase your capability. Aim to be impressive with this all-powerful, dynamic tool.


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