How To Get 1000 Followers On Instagram?

How To Get 1000 Followers On Instagram

If you just sit down with your Instagram account and hope to grow and engage followers by itself, you will have to wait for a long time.

When we look at the statistics, we find that 30% of internet users are on Instagram. If you think that you just have to jump in and post beautiful pictures to grow your Instagram account, you might be wrong. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build your following.

The internet is filled with tips on how to grow your Instagram account, but they mostly work well with large accounts and not with the ones with a few hundred followers.

To gain the first thousands of followers on any social media is one of the hardest jobs because people barely pay attention to small accounts.

It is usually your friends who follow you there, and it’s okay if it is your personal account, but if you are growing your business account, this number of followers is not enough.

One option is to buy followers, but those are mere numbers, and they’re useless when it comes to the Instagram algorithm. The engagement with the pictures you post is way more important than the number of followers that you have.

Here are a few steps that you will have to do to get your first 1000 followers on Instagram:

  1. Connect with your friends

    Search for Facebook and contact lists for people you may know and follow them; they will get the notification and mainly follow you back. They are the ones who will be your first followers. You need to remember that the ultimate goal of all your Instagram content is to turn your followers into paying clients. Make sure that your fans know that you are on Instagram by crossposting. Instagram allows you to share your post to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, which could be a great strategy to get some extra exposure. You can also try embedding photos on your blog posts on Instagram, adding an Instagram feed to your Facebook account.

  2. Look for an audience

    From the beginning, itself describes yourself, your potential audience. Then look for other accounts which, you think, serve your audience. Now, this is the audience that you want to attract for your Instagram account. For example, if you design clothes for children, then look for accounts that are for moms, kid’s training centers, kid’s fashion accounts, or kid’s events. Their followers fit your audience criteria.

    If you are a fitness trainer, sports store, healthy lifestyle accounts, and fitness centers in your area, you may provide you with the audience you need. Now create a list of such accounts and then start engaging. Go to their profiles, comment on their post, follow their followers, and interact with those new people. You need to get their attention and build trust before they are willing to buy from you.

  3. Communication is the key

    Just to let you know, you only see 30% of the content of the people you follow, and so do your followers. The only solution here is to start communicating with people; this will encourage them to check your feed, follow you, and keep engaging. The only way you can appear higher on people’s feed is by engaging them with your posts. Your posts themselves are competing with each other, the one who got more engagement (likes and comments) shows first than the one with less involvement. Ask your followers about something or write a simple open-ended question in the post. Yes, it is time-consuming, but when people see that you are replying to their inquiries, they will interact with you, and your Instagram will grow.

  4. Post consistently

    More often, you post the more followers, likes, and comments you get. According to a visual marketing tool tailwind study, accounts that post seven times a week or more than that get more likes and gain more followers than those that post less frequently. You can almost double the number of your follower growth rate by moving from one to seven posts per week. Post often on Instagram, this is a key takeaway. Brands that post regularly tend to see the best results.

    Consistency is the key element to get your post seen and appearing at the top of the timeline. When you don’t post for a while, you stop showing up on the people’s feed, and even if you start posting again, you may lose their connection. If your posts are shared regularly, then Instagram’s algorithm mainly places your post at the top of your follower’s feed.

  5. Try live videos and stories

    Brands can create so many different types of content through videos, live videos and stories, to engage their fans and grow their following. Though Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform, it has now grown beyond it. The engagement for videos is faster growing than the meeting for images. When one goes live on Instagram, he will appear at the front (leftmost) of your followers’ story feed. With a 10 second Instagram story, you can show a quick tutorial or a step-by-step process with each video. You can show how your products or services are better and different from the rest. It is believed by 57% of brands themselves that stories have been”somewhat effective” to “very effective” as a part of their social media strategy.

  6. Make use of quality hashtags

    Nowhere on social media are hashtags as effective as they are on Instagram. Hashtags can help you to be discovered by other people. The right choice of hashtags can expose your post to a broad, targeted audience. Due to its growing popularity, it’s possible to follow a hashtag now hashtags can be the best way to grow a fast following on your Instagram account. With the help of some free Instagram tools like Focalmark, Autohash, and Display Purpose, you can get quality and relevant hashtags for your Instagram post. Simply type a few words about your image, and these tools will recommend you the best hashtags to use.

  7. Post at your best time

    Since there is no universal best time to post on your Instagram therefore, you need to publish at your best times; it is the result of looking at more than five studies on the best time to post. Every brand has its own best name to post. Instagram tools like Iconosquare or Buffer For Business help to find your best time to post on Instagram using your Instagram data. Timelines of a post are one of the most important factors in this. It allows you to know no the highest engagement rate on your posts, giving you the exact day and time.

  8. Use your analytics

    The only best way to grow Instagram following is to post high-quality videos for photos that your followers like and would engage with. Now how do you know what your followers like? The Instagram insights again help you with this. It provides data for you to understand which Instagram posts your followers like the most. It will show you your top posts sorted by impressions. You can change the setting to see your top videos in the past four months sorted by comments. You will notice trends, now try posting more of those images that your followers continue to like and engage with.

  9. Host contests

    According to a study, some of the most commented on the Instagram post is a contest post where you give out prizes. You can ask your followers to tag a friend or comment with their favorite images to enter the contest. With this, you can reach out to many people who might not have heard the name of a brand before. If they like your profile, they might even choose to follow you.

  10. Collaborate with others

    This is another excellent way to extend your Instagram reach and grow your following. Collaborate with others either through sponsorships or partnerships. Through these partnerships, you both are able to provide value to your audience and can gain a new audience. If you have the budget for sponsorships, then Influencer Marketing is recommended. The Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington is an excellent example who grew their Instagram following from 850000 to 2.1 million in just one year by sponsoring Instagram Influencers. The Instagram influencers tag Daniel Wellington’s account in the sponsored post; this drives people to check out his Instagram profile. Using this strategy Daniel Wellington has gained more than 4 million followers so far.

    Take out time to respond to comments on your post, like photos, follow new friends, and comment on awesome posts. Spend a bit of time just hanging out and enjoying Instagram.

    Although getting the first thousand followers on your Instagram account may be a slow process, if you use the above steps, it will take you just one month to get from 0 to 1000 followers. Go step by step, and watch your Instagram account grow!

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