How Many Followers Are Needed To Make Money On Instagram?

How Many Followers Are Needed To Make Money On Instagram

With growing social media usage and demand, everyone’s been trying to get on with it, bringing their innovative sides in light. Instagram has provided a platform for digital-marketing which allows one to make an individual business account for different kinds of marketing. Take it be content marketing, influencer marketing or paid advertising, you can earn substantial sums with enough skills in the sector, hard work and great follower base.

Instagram offers varied businesses remarkable opportunities to fill pockets with cash. If willing, almost anyone can make money through Instagram without much difficulties, but that does not necessarily mean taking the task as a hot knife cutting down a smooth butter, as it requires right visual content and strategies to work on a good follower base, basically playing for a long game. Now, coming onto advertising labels or brands, there exists thousands of companies are willing on spending millions of dollars on Instagram to hire influencers for promotion of their products and brand name. Instagram is even often referred to “as rich kid app” implying to the huge number of potential customers who can make the business flourishing – thriving million dollar business overnight.

However, this requires right audience, follower engagement and effective influencers to run their adds and buy them customers. Taking in account the scheme of Paypal or Mark zuckerberg, be the Big fish of small pond then go to the big pond bringing forward paid advertising, social media is a huge source for leads, traffics and direct sales through paid ads. It involves paying 45the app which in return promote ones post in people’s feed. However, influencer and content marketing don’t necessarily have to cost anything. One can promote their products and service online by content marketing which proves to be entirely free, with just requirement of EFFORT and TIME.

Why Is Instagram So Popular Among The Masses?

In this digital age, people been looking for platforms to promote their landings and make profits through it. Using Instagram as one among the many apps to score huge gains through various paid programmes and activities. For instance, take to work as an influencer to post content, be it an affiliate marketer or even an entrepreneur.

Before going deep in it, let’s get to basic knowledge about the app. Instagram is an application for social networking and photo sharing which was acquired by facebook in 2012, it allows the users to edit and upload the content (photos and videos ) with attachment of captions, hashtags and location based geotags available on each post. It was merely an app for photo sharing which has now become one of the top social media platforms in less than 7 years, quickly doubling its user base in last 2 years to 700 million users. On launching Instagram stories in August 2016, its growth has seemingly exploded.

How Are Followers And Money Making On Instagram Connected?

Now, talking about making money through Instagram, one need to make sure that their content is effective enough to not only increase the following but also to attract brands to partner up with. Users with following of more than 100k have a great chance to find brands who would partner up with them. Though, having just a few thousand of followers could still work with brands requiring micro-influencers. For money making process, one could become an affiliate, and by selling products of different brands can earn money, this can be done if an influencer focuses on sponsored posts for brands that want to get to influencer’s audience.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Money can also be made by selling their own physical or digital products and services, as done in most of the eCommerce business environment. The enthusiasts are always searching for innovative ideas or ways to attract followers and make money through their creative and visual content. Bringing professionalism into picture, people not only get followers with their effective feed but also spread the knowledge of their capabilities in various skills. Some of the popular or most viewed content nowadays includes photography, painting and artistry, poetry, motivational content, health and hygiene, fitness, fascinating makeovers, cute dog and cat videos, some oddly satisfying stuff, relatable memes, DIY content, etc. Alongside, keeping feed aesthetic and mystical also attracts audience.

However, with global pandemic stealing the stage, changes have been pretty fast and furious, competitors and social uprising, shaking things up. Lately, the top trends on Instagram are:

  1. Influencers and brands to be reckon with racial inequality:

    Instagram feeds were dappled with black squares in support of Blackout Tuesday which was created some music executives to “ take a beat for an honest, reflective, and productive conversation about what actions we need to collectively take to support the Black community.” The posts drowned out the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag used to relay important information by a channel activists.

  2. Instagram live:

    Homebound orders and cancellation of several events have significantly helped propel INSTAGRAM LIVE viewers figures to absolute new heights, having the lineups being packed up with stardom .Between the months of February and March the broadcasts rose by 70%.

  3. Making money directly on Instagram:

    Creators can now make money directly on gram with the help of the new features introduced in May.

  4. Advertising and shopping get Al-powered upgrades:

    This feature can scan photos, cross-refrence with catalogs, identify attributes such as style and colour, and suggests descriptions, helping deliver targeted ads and better search results to users.

Hence, those were some of the topics currently trending on Instagram, with an update on which one can schedule and publish posts, and more of public interaction. This topic is aimed at finding out the various ways through which money can made on Instagram.

Review Of Literature:

Instagram has seemingly revolutionized the way content is shared online, it’s highly dynamic operation allows users to share images, videos and other content such as stories and even direct broadcasts. These possibilities give companies major opportunity to publicize their products and services while at the same time allowing them to increase the popularity of their brand. Just like the rest of the social networks, on this platform, a person or company is considered to be more popular the higher number of followers it has. Thus, company constantly forms strategies that allows them to gain importance, notoriety and visibility among the users.

The Prerequisites To Make Money Using Instagram

Firstly, one can’t just put on a catchy Insta handle, write an attractive bio and go on posting pictures of day to day life to get followers and make money out of it. The requirements to make money out of Instagram feed one need to follow the pointers stated below:

The Prerequisites To Make Money Using Instagram

  • To reach and influence:

    To have businesses to contact you for their product advertisement and recommendations so that they can get exposure to your audience and hence make money out of it, you should have an effective following and feed.

  • Engagement is a golden virtue:

    Since, having more followers is obviously a shot to self-esteem and ego and mathematically even increases your probability of appearing on more of the feeds. However, having substantial amount followers is not enough, interaction plays a vital role in having people following your recommendations and liking your posts and commenting on them, which in turn would lead to making a handsome amount.

    Schedugram, which is trusted by 10k + brands to help them schedule posts with your hashtags in the first comment-while keeping your captions friendly enough and engaging while having posts in front of individuals that are willing tom see it. Your updates should be striking chords with Instagram universe.

  • Filling your bio up with panache:

    Whether be it a business account just starting out or an individual money making one, the bio acts as a precious piece of real estate on Instagram, keeping it direct and crisp, you can pitch your first time profile visitors. Add up all your creativity and personality to make it catchy and memorable then audience is more likely to follow up, along with a high quality picture since it’s a visual platform.

  • Doing sponsored posts:

    For the sale of their products and services, brands identify influencers within their required niche and then pay them a certain amount to share their goods or include the mention of their brands in their posts. Sponsored Instagram posts have now become a key way through which lots of people can earn money.

  • Participation in affiliate marketing:

    In an affiliate marketing, an influencer earn a commission by a brand when some product is bought that they’ve recommend. Usually using a promo code or an affiliating link that the followers can use to purchase the referred product. This link includes tracking so whenever someone buys a product, the affiliate marketer gets a cut.

  • Niche and targeted audience:

    If your niche is all about medical equipment, then you can’t target an audience having no idea whatsoever about medical terms.

  • Timely feedback:

    Followers like those sellers who are active and vigilant enough and would not like to spend their money on lazy person who is hesitant to answer their queries.

Instagram has proved to be an engagement goldmine for brands in certain industries. However, brands often find it kind of difficult to find out what to post. Here are some of the most engaging brands on Instagram:

Advantages Of Buying Instagram Followers

Buying Instagram followers is an increasingly recurring action, since it allows improve the level of positioning of a profile much faster as compared to achieving those results manually. This then leads to even more of the following since people feel and perceive them as an important account. People will follow the brand with 2k followers than following the one with mere 40 followers. Some more advantages of buying followers are stated below:

  1. Domino effect:

    Having large number of followers will automatically make profile look more attractive, attracting more of the crowd, who will be able to know more about your brand, company, products and services. They will be able to know more about the business and this will earn even more followers.

  2. Obtaining profits:

    With purchase of followers, it will make your account more visible to the users which in turn would allow you to earn profit through different means. Giving better visibility to your goods and services hence increasing sales, although for this you will have to work hard to give good enough content to the users.


Instagram, along with followers requires engagement and good quality content and a particular niche to have companies hire them and make money out of it. Money paid varies from brand to brand or company to company. One should not entirely focus on making money but providing a great content and giving honest reviews to build up trust of the followers.

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