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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy Instagram Followers and likes?

A thousand times yes!!! Buying Instagram followers and likes at low prices is several times worth your money. Our consumers have sited an incredible increase in their followers, brand value, web traffic, and sales after purchasing our real Instagram followers and likes.

Are your followers and likes actually real?

Yes, The followers and likes we provide you are actual and active real-looking followers. Most are regularly active, and a few are less active. When you buy Instagram followers and likes from us, you will see minimal drop in our followers, the possibility is that out of 100 may be 2-3 followers drop over time, not more than that.
Many websites boast about providing “real followers”. If you try them, you will mostly end up with fake followers. Our followers are of the highest quality! Get our free trial and check it yourself.

What is the guarantee that the followers you provide won’t drop from my profile?

As we already mentioned, out of a 100 followers, the chances are a maximum of 2 or 3 followers might drop. Generally our followers and likes won’t drop. The permanency of our followers and likes is forever. But, sometimes, due to Instagram updates, there might be a small attrition rate over a period of time, which happens, in rare cases with chances as low as 0.1%. You don’t need to worry as we have a 30-day replacement guarantee on our followers.

Will my account get banned or deleted if I purchase Instagram followers and likes from you?

Absolutely not! There is not even a slightest chance of your account getting banned. You can remain assured. It is 100% safe with us, that’s a guarantee. We offer only real-looking followers and likes. We are 90 % into repeat business, which means, our customers keep coming back to us because of the quality we deliver. We have offered more than 30 million followers and likes to over 20,000 customers in the past few months, and have never heard of any account being banned or deleted after using our service.

What return policy do you have? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We do have a money back guarantee and return policy. For detailed information, kindly go through our policy. Customer satisfaction always comes first to us. If we don’t deliver the committed number of followers/likes or if you are not satisfied with our services, feel free to request a money back ticket within 30 days of ordering our services. We will revise your order and if found an issue we will return all or some portion of your money. If your order hasn’t started within 72 hours, we offer 100% money back. Contact us for a request and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Do you offer any discount if I order in bulk?

Yes, we do provide discounts on bulk orders. For more details, reach out to our team. We will get back to you within 24 hours

What is the mode of payment?

We accept a wide variety of payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, Maestro and AMEX. PayPal is our primary method since it’s the fastest, secure, and easy. We also accept direct debit/credit card transactions (without PayPal), WebMoney, iDEAL and many more.

What details do I need to provide?

We need your Instagram username and email ID. Delivery starts within max 30 seconds after payment. We provide you 24*7 customer support in case you have any more questions.


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